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2021 • ADAGE, Association d’Accompagnement Global contre l’ExclusionFranceFighting the digital divide,Women's empowerment
ADAGE, Association d’Accompagnement Global contre l’Exclusion

To help the association fulfilling its program for women in great precariousness ad those furthest from employment.

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2021 • AFRICA 93FranceFight against exclusion,Fighting the digital divide,Food

To help the association in its commitment to women in popular neighborhoods in their desire to built a better life.

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2021 • CABIRIAFranceFight against exclusion,Health

To fund CABIRIA in setting up virtual marauding events to mobilize women escorts from different communities.

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2021 • ASEDEME- Association Sénégalaise pour la Protection des Enfants Déficients MentauxSenegalEducation,Fight against exclusion
ASEDEME- Association Sénégalaise pour la Protection des Enfants Déficients Mentaux

To help the association improving and expanding its activities at the Aminata Mbaye center in Saint Louis.

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2021 • IKAMBEREFranceFight against exclusion,Fighting the digital divide

To support IKAMBERE fighting against digital divide in precarious women and families in Saint Denis (near Paris).

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2021 • ALPHABET-IGNYFranceFighting the digital divide,Literacy

To support the association in diversifying their educational tools intended for the learning of the French language for adults and the development of their elementary knowledge by acquiring computer equipment.

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2021 • Planète Enfants et DéveloppementCambodiaEducation,Women's empowerment
Planète Enfants et Développement

To help the association fulfilling its commitment to have all children aged 3 to 6 in a rural area accessing a high-level school by financing the construction of a kindergarten

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2021 • AEC LatasteCambodiaEducation,Women's empowerment
AEC Lataste

To support AEC-Foyer Lataste to enable young girls to access higher quality education to fight against inequalities.

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2021 • MIST, Mission d’Intervention et de Sensibilisation contre la Traite des êtres humainsFranceWomen's empowerment,Women's protection
MIST, Mission d’Intervention et de Sensibilisation contre la Traite des êtres humains

To support MIST helping young girls who have been victims of prostitution or trafficking for sexual exploitation during childhood.

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2021 • MISTFrance,NigériaWomen's empowerment,Women's protection

To support MIST in developing pilot program aimed to fight against trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation.

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2021 • Dessine l’Espoir, le Jardin des savoir-faireSwazilandHealth,Women's empowerment
Dessine l’Espoir, le Jardin des savoir-faire

To help the association developing its prevention, monitoring and support activities for people living with HIV/AIDS at Piggs Peak hospital (Eswatini/ Swaziland)

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2021 • VIA FEMINA FAMAFranceFight against exclusion

To help VIA FEMINA FAMA extending its support for women victims of violence in the Gard Department in France.

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2021 • BASILIADEFranceFight against exclusion

To fund BASILIADE in adapting and equipping a building allowing the association to support 36 vulnerable women when living a maternity hospital.

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2021 • ADSF, Agir Pour La Santé des FemmesFranceFight against exclusion,Health
ADSF, Agir Pour La Santé des Femmes

Help ADSF to support women alone or with chidren who are furthest from healthcare system to assess their health needs and vulnerabilities and to help them accessing the health care system.

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2020 • SAMU Social InternationalPeru


2019 • LaafiBurkina FasoFarming,Water

The A&A Ulmann Fund supports a permaculture project in Burkina Faso led by the Laafi association.

The Laafi Village association, in existence since 2001, undertakes projects focused on education, training, and beekeeping. Its activities take place in a single location, Laafi Village, in Koudougou, Burkina Faso. The association owns a plot of usable land of more than 2,000 m2, and makes it available to train the region’s farmers to new agricultural methods.

The project supported by the A&A Ulmann Fund consists in the creation of a solar-powered borehole on the association’s land, and the building of a reservoir to support and develop permaculture and agroforestry projects. This access to water means water can be routed to the restaurant to cook for the pre-school children and develop fun and educational activities related to permaculture for the children.

2019 • Dessine l’espoirSouth AfricaChild Protection,Education
Dessine l’espoir

The A&A Ulmann Fund, alongside the Designing Hope association, is committed to supporting the Halfway House in Roosboom, South Africa. This house, which every day welcomes 30 to 40 AIDS orphans after school before they go back to the orphanage. It is a welcoming, lively space, so these children can get together and share a friendly moment, play, practice sports, study for their classes, draw, read, and especially, eat a warm meal which is often the only one they will have in a day. The initial project financed by the A&A endowment fund was to restore an abandoned space and turn it into a hen house for 40 laying hens. Now, children’s meals are accompanied by eggs several times per week. A part of the space has also been converted to allow children to eat their meals with a roof over their heads. With the remaining budget, about 50 books on biodiversity and the environment have been purchased to enhance the house’s library.

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2019 • Comité Contre l’Esclavage ModerneMoroccoDecent work,Justice
Comité Contre l’Esclavage Moderne

Since summer 2019, the A&A Ulmann Fund has been supporting, alongside other partners, the “SAVE” project (Support in the identification and Assistance of Victims of trafficking in human beings for labour Exploitation). Led by the CCEM – Comité contre l’esclavage moderne (committee against modern slavery), and six Moroccan civil society organizations, SAVE’s objective is to reinforce the ability of partner organizations to identify victims of slavery, and to provide them with material and legal assistance in Morocco. To date, nearly 50 people have received assistance through the SAVE project.

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2019 • Champ LibreFranceSocial Exclusion

Since 2019, the A&A Ulmann Fund has been supporting the Champ Libre association and its mission to reintegrate prisoners. The Champ Libre association fights against the social exclusion of prisoners and people living in reintegration centers by providing them access to culture, education, and information. These initiatives allow them to maintain or create social connections, and pave the way for the citizenship of imprisoned persons. To that effect, Champ Libre organizes workshops in detention facilities as well as information and awareness-raising actions related to imprisonment issues through events such as public meet-and-greets (the “Apéros POPulaires”) and training sessions prior to the interventions.

2019 • ASEDEMESenegalEducation

The A&A Ulmann Fund supports Asedeme, which provides assistance to children suffering from mental disabilities in Dakar, Senegal. This support will enable the construction of three additional classrooms to welcome more children in the Grand Yoff Aminata Mbaye centre in Dakar. The Embassy of Luxembourg, the Stewart Macmillan Foundation, Patrick Thélot, CEO of Armonia, the Vicat Group, Sococim Industries, and Gécamines, are also involved in this project.

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