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MIST, Mission d’Intervention et de Sensibilisation contre la Traite des êtres humainsFrance

2021Women's empowerment,Women's protection

MIST, Mission d'Intervention et de Sensibilisation contre la Traite des êtres humains

Founded in 2020, MIST is a group of people who have been victims for trafficking for sexual exploitation who intend to identify other victims, protect and recruit them in the organization.

MIST acts as an external consultant for childcare facilities in Val de Marne (near Paris) by supporting educational teams in the assessment and support of young people placed under their protection for whom situations of potential or proven prostitution have been identified.

In this context, some young girls have already been identified as being able to participate in certain MIST activities and benefit from them both socially and professionally (medico-social training project).

FAAU’s support will help MIST integrating these young girls into a pilot project to conduct a series of podcasts introducing a so-called “mixed”group: this group will mix young Nigerian women from the association and young girls of other nationalities who were victims of prostitution or trafficking when they were minor and placed under the protection of Val de Marne social shelters.