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The Team

The A&A Ulmann Fund aims at supporting and funding actions in accordance with the Founders’, Agnès and André Ulmann, values .

The Founders

Being a Medical Doctor, Agnès Ulmann has worked in a hospital before setting up her private practice.  As early as 1973, she was an ardent defender of abortion rights when she was among the 331 doctors who signed a public manifesto, in favor of abortion legalisation, published in the Nouvel Observateur.

André Ulmann has also been a champion of women’s health for a very long time. He joined the Roussel Uclaf Pharmaceutical group, where he brought RU 486 (“abortion pill”) to market, He then founded HRA Pharma which developed and made available an emergency contraceptive in Western countries.

The Program Director

Jean-Bernard Delbarre worked with André Ulmann for the HRA Pharma Foundation. He proposes projects and oversees them.

The Board of Directors

  • André Ulmann (President)
  • Agnès Ulmann
  • Cécile Ulmann
  • Catherine Dunand

The Jury selecting projects

Eight members meet on a regular basis to assess projects and select those which will be funded.

  • André Ulmann
  • Agnès Ulmann
  • Cécile Ulmann
  • Catherine Dunand
  • François Jacquemin-Verguet
  • Dominique Israel-Biet
  • Alexandre Brachet
  • Blandine Grosjean