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The Fund

The A & A Ulmann Fund was created in 2019 to support projects aimed to help women and children in need.  The projects supported through this structure reflect the values that have guided the Founders, Agnès et André Ulmann throughout their medical careers. 


The A&A Ulmann Fund Mission

The mission of the Fund is to support sectors that matter deeply to the Founders: child protection, women’s rights advocacy, access to education, to justice, to healthcare, to economic development. The A&A Ulmann Fund’s ambition is to support a wide range of charitable initiatives in vulnerable populations with an underlying guideline: to Accompany and to Autonomize.


Possible Contributions

The contributions made available by the A&A Ulmann Fund can take the following forms:

  • Cash donation, refundable advances, bank guarantee
  • Supply of medication, medical devices or medical equipment
  • Supply of foodstuffs and/or clothing
  • Supply of various materials, tools or software
  • Subsidies for training or consulting services
  • Research grant

Half of the Fund’s resources are allocated to projects in France.

Projects financed by the A&A Ulmann Fund must comply to the Fund’s charter which ensures political and religious neutrality.



Submitting a Project 

With the exception of research grants, which are delivered on an individual basis, the A&A Ulmann Fund allocates its contributions only to associations or other moral persons excluding gifts to private individuals.

To be eligible for a contribution, submitted projects must include:

  1. A brief description of the organization and/or the project responsible person(s).
  2. A short description of the project including: 
    1. The objective(s) 
    2. The location 
    3. The beneficiaries (target population) 
    4. The means and people committed to the project as well as alternative means of financing if needed
    5. A calendar of key steps
    6. Identified needs to which the A&A Ulmann Fund could contribute.
  3. Indicator(s) for assessing and monitoring the project’s progress and achieved objectives. 

The criteria used to assess and examine projects are:

  •  Suitability of proposed actions in relation to the Fund’s mission
  • Justification of the feasibility and sustainable impact of the project on people and/or a community
  • Ability of the applicant to carry out the project and manage allotted contributions
  • Commitment of the applicant to assess the use of granted funds

Jean-Bernard Delbarre, program director, will receive projects at the following email address,, and can answer any question.


Neutrality Clause

The A&A Ulmann Fund is  non political and non religious entity. It cannot support any project proposed by any political or religious entity.

The A&A Ulmann Fund reserves the right to verify that projects are not linked to any political or religious organization.