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2021Fight against exclusion,Fighting the digital divide


Founded in 1997 in Saint-Denis, IKAMBERE ‘s missions are:

  • to support women in very precarious situations living with AIDS towards autonomy trough comprehensive and multidisciplinary care
  • to carry out prevention and screening actions with people far from the healthcare system.

In 2021, a new structure (IKIGALI) was created to extend care to women affected by diabetes, obesity and hypertension which are frequent diseases in precarious situations.

The women welcomed at IKIGALI are faced with significant issues related to the digital divide. IKAMBERE wishes to set up a computer rooms to perform workshops. Maintenance would be provided by two volunteers. Weekly workshops will be offered each week to groups of women to train them in computer tools and dealing with administrative issues trough the web.

In addition, IKAMBERE wishes to fight against the digital divides which was exacerbated during the Covid-19 health crisis. Indeed, because of lack of means to acquire appropriate equipment, many children of women supported by the association have not had the opportunity to properly follow their school curriculum from home. The situation could persist, depending on the evolution of the crisis.

The FAAU supports IKAMBERE to equip the computer room of the IKIGALI center with six computer stations, printers and video projectors and to provide computers to twenty of the most precarious households. This equipment will enable women to familiarize themselves with the use of a computer, to carry out their administrative procedures through the web, to follow literacy courses and to benefit from remote social monitoring. The children will thus be able to discover the many educational programs available on internet and better follow their school courses.