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2021Fight against exclusion


Founded in 1993, BASILIADE was initially focused on AIDS fight. Its main mission is to ensure sustainable autonomy for the most vulnerable people in a situation of social and health precariousness.

BASILIADE was attributed for 24 months a whole three-star hotel with 36 rooms located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris: this allows the accommodation and overall support of 36 women leaving a maternity hospital managed by a social organization (Ingrate Assistance and Orientation Service) for social help.Throughout their stay, these women are fully involved in the development of their personal project and participate in the hotel life.

The main encountered difficulty is the lack of collective spaces: FAAU decided to support BASILIADE to create and equip a space allowing better support for these 36 women and their children. Among others, this will allow them to cook, to carry out collective activities, to have a place to keep children in collective care and to be able to carry out individual interviews with nurses or social workers in good conditions.