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ADAGE, Association d’Accompagnement Global contre l’ExclusionFrance

2021Fighting the digital divide,Women's empowerment

ADAGE, Association d'Accompagnement Global contre l'Exclusion


Founded in 2008, ADAGE provides a global collective and individual support, including an active pedagogy while respecting others in their integrity choices.

In 2019/2020, FAAU supported the implementation of a pilot project aimed to help women to qualify and be employed in the medical, paramedical, and personal assistance sector.

This program took place under special conditions due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the action has enabled some of the women to continue their path by integrating training schemes or jobs. In 2021, this project was able to be financed by other structures and organizations, however previous experience has shown that the provision of computers to all registered women made it possible to better support them by:

  • ensuring the continuity of training trough virtual courses set up by the association,
  • developing the autonomy of families on the administrative level (most administrative procedures are now online),
  • also allowing their children to follow their schooling online.

The financial support from  FAAU has enabled each of the women who have taken part in training course to have access to a computer enabling them to deepen their training and develop their administrative autonomy, and their children to be able to better follow their school course and benefit from the many educational tools available on the internet.