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AEC LatasteCambodia

2021Education,Women's empowerment

AEC Lataste

AEC- Foyer Lataste was created in 1998, after the meeting of two Frenchmen with a Khmer association, ADTJK, wishing to create an accommodation for orphaned, abandoned or abused children. Since then, its mission has been to support disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Cambodia.

AEC-Foyer Lataste thus guarantees access to education for all its beneficiaries up to the end of high school. For more than 15 years, the student program has aimed to sustain this support until the entry into working life of each of its young people by giving them access to university courses and professional institutes up to four years after their bachelor’s degree.

Access to this quality training program in promising sectors in Cambodia allows young girls to counter the inequalities they face and to ensure their autonomy and that of their families: the academic success of a child allows an increase of the living standard of the whole family.

The association has identified five young girls for whose FAAU will fund higher education courses in promising sectors of activity in Cambodia.