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2021Women's empowerment,Women's protection


Founded in 2020, Mist is a group of people who have been victims for trafficking for sexual exploitation who intends to identify other victims, protect them and recruit them in the organization;

MIST recruited a group of 100 women victim for trafficking for sexual exploitation. most of them are Nigerian nationals. Through this group, it aims to develop a three-year pilot program to consolidate the bases on which MIST could operate in a more structured and permanent way.

Support from FAAU will enable MIST to set up a pilot peer-education program aimed to encourage young people to join the project with the following objectives:

  • Foster better participation of victim women to assistance programs and government policies meant to serve them,
  • Promote a qualifying medico-social education for 12 victim women who will become peer helpers,
  • Promote this model in France and Europe.