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Comité Contre l’Esclavage ModerneMorocco

2019Decent work,Justice

Since summer 2019, the A&A Ulmann Fund has been supporting, alongside other partners, the “SAVE” project, committed to figh against modern slavery.

The SAVE project (Support in the identification and Assistance of Victims of trafficking in human beings for labour Exploitation) is led by the CCEM – Comité contre l’esclavage moderne (committee against modern slavery), along with six Moroccan civil society organizations. Created in Paris in 1994, the CCEM develops and implements tools and procedures to identify victims and provide them with assistance as quickly as possible.

SAVE’s objective is thus to reinforce the ability of partner organizations to identify victims of slavery, and establish an operational collaboration between association stakeholders on the ground and concerned institutions, while promoting the exchange of good practices with other nearby countries. Upon its creation, the CCEM provided assistance primarily  to Moroccan victims. At present, 25% of the people receiving aid from the CCEM are Moroccan.

SAVE was established in July 2019. Today, more than 80 cases have already been reported and nearly 50 people have received assistance through this project. According to CCEM members, exploitation through work is the major form of exploitation in reported cases, but other forms of exploitation (namely being forced to commit crimes or beg) were mentioned.